Too often, the façade of a building is left over to endure the elements, building owners and facilities managers opting to look after the interior rather than the exterior. Too many of projects are expecting full budget to do the complete restoration, interior and exterior.

My aim is to ensure the market that is existing an exclusive scaffold-free facade cleaning expert, with a technology approved by main historical building conservators, able to perform conservation operation faster and more costly efficient that working from scaffold. Technology Façade Gommage® was created and developed by Thomann-Hanry® in France. ‘Gommage’ is a French term that refers to ‘Gumkowanie’ in polish language, this is a process of gently cleaning stone, masonry, wood and painting works.

Our goal is to insure impeccable standards using Façade Gommage®, by providing carefully selected resources for cleaning and restoration works.

- Florian GOUNY

Operation Director for Poland


The speed of the process is not always the same. However, the mobility of the cabin allows you to clean about 10 running metres of a 6-storey building in one day, that is approx. 200 m2 of facade per day.


Thanks to the use of a suction cup on the boom compared to traditional methods of cleaning the facade, which use scaffolding, the work is less burdensome for users of the cleaned building, and passers-by.


The absence of scaffolding and the removal of the boom from the building at night ensures the complete safety of its users and interior equipment. This is particularly important for banks, hotels and religious buildings.


The environment is not polluted, because we do not use chemicals and detergents, and the dust from the cleaned wall practically does not escape outside the cabin. The cabin is equipped with devices that extract the abrasive together with the removed impurities

Another challenge was MetLife’s highest 56-storey skyscraper in New York on Park Avenue.

In addition to facade cleaning, we offer a full range of restoration work just like our mother company in France.

We think globally, so we can perform each order comprehensively, starting from the design phase, through the execution, ending with the conservation documentation.

Our clients are both individuals and numerous companies who know our expertise, reliability and organization.