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All stone support can be cleaned with our technology, from granite to delicate sandstone. Our force is to adapt the size of powder and air pressure to best parameters for the stone to be best preserved. Are coming after our specialist for the conservation of the material when required.

stone facade

From roman bricks to neogothic ones, we always take care of the materiallike it would be our own house. Sometimes bricks requires some special treatment before cleaning.

brick facade

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From Szczecin to Wetlina, from Chapel to Cathedral, our equipment is available in the whole country to preserve at its best the historical patrimony, where we can work on large scale building and high buildings too, without using any scaffold. All our works remains always under supervision of Historical Building Conservator.

sacral buildings

Sometimes the architects got crazy idea to mix all supports together, so we can also adjust our technology and experience to restore facades where we find stones, bricks and plaster on the same side. We always focus on providing to the client a complex restoration.

complex facade

Even for small surface or complex surface, our capacity to adapt to the support is always at best. Sometimes we have to sue laser technology, or other availableon the market, where the Façade Gommage reached its limits.

architectural details

In some case, where we have very delicate support, we have possibility to change our powder for an organic powder very delicate. It gives possibility to work on wood, polychrome or carpets.

wooden buildings


THOMANN-Hanry is the sole and exclusive provider of dry and completely non-invasive FAÇADE GOMMAGE® facade cleaning technique; a technique developed and patented by Groupe Thomann-Hanry in France

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FAÇADE GOMMAGE® is an invention of THOMANN-HANRY® The dry cleaning technique is called “facade abrasion”, using powder and a suction cabin, and then wetting and vacuuming the dust… FAÇADE GOMMAGE® is a dry and non-invasive method

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